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Many people make the mistake of calling their insurance “toll-free” claims telephone line first. This can cause you to lose valuable time and money! Call us first to estimate the size of your loss and to see if your loss is larger than your deductable. We’ll expedite your recovery. Our business restores the property and lives of our customers after a property damage caused by bio-hazard. We are a preferred insurance claim contractor that provides rapid bio recovery from unexpected property damage on a 24/7 basis.

Emergency Clean Team is in good standing and proud members of

(National Institute of Decontamination Specialist)

(American Biological Safety Association)

(The American Association of Tissue Banks)

(American Bio Recovery Association)

(The Restoration Industry Association)  

(Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration)

(Association for Professional in Infection Control and Epidemiology)

Cleveland, OH, USA


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