(Biohazard Mitigation Response Membership Program)

Currently, the BMR Membership program is only for the Northeast Ohioans part of Phase 1 of the Buckeye 88 Initiative.

Counties include:

  • Ashland

  • Ashtabula

  • Carroll

  • Columbiana  

  • Cuyahoga

  • Geauga

  • Lake

  • Lorain

  • Mahoning

  • Medina

  • Portage

  • Richland

  • Stark

  • Summit

  • Trumbull

  • Wayne

  • Holmes

  • Jefferson

Benefits of the BMR Membership include

  • This small investment not only safeguards your property but also funds the Northeast Ohio infectious disease & fentanyl initiative part of the Buckeye 88 Campaign that’s designed to protect our city, friends, family, and loved ones from harmful deadly hazards. 

  • Personal vehicles and business fleet vehicles such as cars, vans, sport utility vehicles, trucks, semi-trucks, commercial vehicles, RVs, buses, heavy-duty vehicles, trains, planes, helicopters, boats, submarines, spacecraft, and UFOs are all covered by the BMR Membership Program Incase of any accidental hazardous contamination arises. Vehicles will also receive the Sword & Shield disinfecting treatment alongside your home or business every 90 days. Four times per year. Personal & business vehicles will be done the same day as your home or business.

  • Sword and Shield Protocol for Infectious Diseases, Viruses, Bacteria, Spores, and Fungi. Scheduled every 90 days

  • Any Incident involving Bio-Hazard contaminations such as Infectious Diseases, Homicides, Suicides, Unattended death, Trauma Clean Up, Narcotics, and Drug Paraphernalia will be mitigated by our Certified Hazmat Team

  • BMR Memberships at their core are essentially a type of property insurance to safeguard you from Infectious Diseases such as SARS-CoV-2, Rhinovirus, parainfluenza (HPIV), and other harmful and nasty biohazards

  • The BMR membership Sword & Shield disinfecting protocol will be scheduled within the first 30 days of purchase 

  • BMR Memberships are valid for 1 year (365 days)

  • BMR Memberships cannot be shared but they can be gifted to a residence, nonprofit, or business

  • Before and after implementing the Sword & Shield Protocol in your home or business we employ the use of ATP Biofilm Contamination Monitoring System to insure proper disinfection has been achieved. This technology will validate our cleaning techniques and protocol effectiveness 

  • As a BMR member, you will receive an Environmental Inspection twice during your membership period. During the first and last Sword & Shield disinfecting treatments. The Environmental Inspection consists of three separate tests. Air, Water, Mold. Environmental Inspections look beyond what the eye can see to detect invisible threats in your home or business. Our Certified Hazmat Team follows strict assessment procedures developed by the EPA to collect samples, and we work with accredited laboratories to analyze them.

What we analyze :

  • Bacteria

  • Fecal Matter

  • Mold& Fungus

  • Chemicals

  • Lead

  • Arsenic

  • Uranium

  • Pesticides

  • Impurities & Suspended Matter

  • Problems With HVAC Systems

  • Outdoor Pollutants

  • Emissions From Office Equipment

  • Furniture & Flooring

  • Smoke Residue

  • Dust Mites

  • Building Materials That Contain Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs) That Release Toxic Chemicals Into The Air

  • Your contribution will not only provide the Sword & Shield Protocol and other hazardous protective mitigation services to your residence or business but it will also provide NO COST SERVICES to the locations listed below which are part of Phase 1 of the Buckeye 88 Initiative

  • All public schools (K-12)

  • Public Libraries

  • Government buildings

  • Public Service buildings

  • Rec Centers/Civic Centers

  • Police Stations/Fire Stations

  • Hospitals

  • Senior Centers

Get 24/7 protection for your home or business from deadly biohazards along with immediate emergency response through the Northeast Ohio BMR Membership Program. Help support the Buckeye 88 Initiative Campaign. All profits and funds from the BMR Membership Program and GoFundMe go to fund the Buckeye 88 Nonprofit Campaign Initiative. Protect your home, business, and way of life from nasty biohazards. Please support and share 


  • Residence: $100/yr

  • Nonprofits: $500/yr

  • Businesses: $1000/yr

Terms and Conditions 

  •  Tax and Credit card fees apply 

  •  Homes or Businesses with gross filth, hoarding, and bug infestation will not qualify you for the BMR membership program