Emergency Clean Team Biohazard Mitigation Response Specialists are here to respond promptly to property emergencies demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and compassion. Our team of professionals are thoroughly screened, insured and trained in utilizing the latest in mitigation technology and procedures throughout the remediation process while operating under a strict code of ethics.  We know how to get the job done right. More importantly, We know how to make a disaster transition as smooth as possible.

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In response to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, Emergency Clean Team LLC

will extend decontamination and disinfection services normally reserved for commercial

and industrial locations to private residences at a substantially discounted rate.

Government agencies at local, state, and federal levels are working to limit the spread

of the virus through mandatory school closings, canceling public events, and providing

public safety guidelines. Using the recommendations from the CDC to protect yourself

and others is the best way to prevent illness and limit transmission of the virus.

Limiting contact with the general public and diligent cleanliness will greatly reduce the

risk of infection, but it is also important to prevent transmission of the virus into your

home. People and public areas can be avoided, but even a quarantine in your home is

not effective to prevent illness if the virus is active in your residence.

The spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus is a very serious health concern for everyone,

but especially urgent for the elderly, and people with re-existing health issues.

Fortunately, there are highly effective measures that can be taken to sanitize public and

private locations to ensure the virus is eliminated. Careful and thorough prevention of

reintroducing the virus to the environment can keep any location safe and risk-free.

Emergency Clean Team has the best equipment and disinfection procedures for homes,

businesses, and public locations. Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) is administered

as an extremely fine mist using a specialized portable fogger machine. The disinfecting

solution contains hydrogen peroxide and silver ions which aggressively adhere to all

surfaces and disinfects the air in the immediate area. This method of mist disinfection

covers over 99% of surfaces, including those normal missed or cross contaminated by

other sanitation procedures. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies VHP as a

sterilant that is the best option for disinfecting hospitals because it uses no bleach, will

not saturate surfaces with moisture, and is safe to use around pets, children, and food.

The EPA certifies the use of VHP with a kill rate of 99.999% for biohazards such as:

Influenza, Coronavirus (including Covid-19), HIV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C,

Ebola, E. Coli, and Clostridioides difficile, among many other pathogens and viruses.

Emergency Clean Team LLC is offering private and commercial VHP disinfection

services at a very affordable rate because it is important to us to proactively assist our

community during the current health crisis. While the treatment procedure is fast and

non-invasive, the volume of homes and businesses in the community that need help is

ever increasing and it is in your best interest to call or email to make an appointment as

soon as possible to avoid longer wait times.

We are on stand-by 24 hours a day to set up appointments and answer questions.

Please call or text (216) 832-5084 or email us at Emergencycleanteamllc@gmail.com

Click here for more information from the CDC on protecting your home from Covid-19


About Us

Emergency Clean Team LLC is a women owned, family operated business located in Cleveland which services clients throughout Ohio. We are devoted to cleaning up biohazard property damage such as crime/accident scenes, hoarding, fentanyl, sewage backup and more across the Buckeye State. Our certified biohazard technicians are dedicated to helping people and communities recover from a loss. We have been serving homeowners, business owners, and the American public and offer discretion as well as compassion with each and every decontamination job we complete. Let us focus on the safety of the environment where a crime or accident took place, so you can focus on what matters most to you in this difficult time. Another important process that one encounters after a loss may be just as painful as the grieving process. Unfortunately, after the sirens fade into the distance, the police, EMT, forensics team, investigator, and crowed leave there is a painful mess left to the family, friends, owners, and victims of this tragedy to clean. Emergency Clean Team LLC is a company that can ease the burdens that a crime or accident has left to you. Our biohazard technicians have seen many realities of violence because many of them are or have been EMTs, firefighters, military personnel, police officers and now offer their services to help families and communities in need. We offer our services to help you the only way we know how, by cleaning, sanitizing and restoring the environment in residential and commercial properties.

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Insurance Claim Experts

Our family owned and operated  Emergency Clean Team members are Certified Bio Recovery Insurance Claim experts and provide 24/7 property damage restoration service all over the great State of Ohio.

Emergency Clean Team is a unique “consumer-direct” insurance claim contractor. We work with your insurance company to restore your property fast.  But Ultimately, we work for you, not the insurance company.

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Why Emergency Clean Team?

Not all biohazard companies are created equal – many are generalist few are true experts. When biohazards, blood and bodily fluids are involved you need a dependable expert to ensure proper disinfection and protection from the potential spread of harmful pathogens. If improperly treated, blood and bodily fluids can promote the growth of bacterial colonies, which can pose health and safety risks and cause additional damage to the home. Cleaning companies that offer biohazard remediation in addition to other services may lack the knowledge and experience necessary to guarantee full remediation and disinfection of a property. Emergency Clean Team sets an industry standard in biohazard remediation. We adhere to the highest standards in the cleaning, disinfection, and safety compliance to ensure that our customers and employees are fully protected.

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Who do you want working in your home?

At Emergency Clean Team you can be confident that you, your family and your most valuable possessions (home or business) are in safe, reliable & trustworthy hands.

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What We Provide

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